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FHTglobal is focused on working with international groups through a variety of services

Our Philosophy

We are not transactional, we are interactional. Your guests are our guests, and they will always be treated as such. We look at your guests for the individuals they are and not as the transaction that occurs.

Our Methodology

Sure there are companies out there that may provide similar services, but three key parts to our methodology are what really set us apart from the rest!

We provide guests with a room rate inclusive only of taxes and mandatory fees. Beyond that we give guests the choice!
Options to add on include breakfast, airport transfers, porterage, and airfare.

Our rooms are just that… ours. We contract and negotiate the best possible terms and conditions with our hotel and supplier partners to ensure that we can pass on those great options to guests.

We understand that life happens and many times cancellations are inevitable. We do our best to resell contracted rooms to many of our clients, and if we manage to do so, we will provide you a refund for what we are able to resell!

RSNA 2020

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As the Official International Travel Services provider of the RSNA Annual Meeting & Scientific Assembly, we are pleased to offer our international sponsors and guests a personalized service and experience in taking part.

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About FHTglobal

FHTglobal – formerly FHTdirect – was founded in 1997 with the mission of connecting international groups with medical association meetings in the USA and Europe. At first FHT worked solely with international pharma and agencies to provide hotel accommodations to group blocks attending major medical meetings. In our 20 years our services have expanded to provide full service travel management to all international groups.

Our team of experts bring a background in the meetings and events industry and a keen knowledge of the international pharma regulations which dictate how many international groups attending medical congresses must work. With this great knowledge we are able to provide the best options around – working directly with our official housing partners or directly with hotels – to provide international groups the best possible accommodations, transportation, group dining, special events and more.


Far Horizons Tourism, Inc. was founded by industry veteran Candice Steckler developing one of the most respected names in international group housing services for participants in global medical meetings.

Far Horizons Tourism is rebranded as FHTdirect, reflecting better the nature of the business. FHT worked direct only, with either official houisng or hotels, always with a contract in hand, guaranteeing clients that rooms were there when booked.

FHTdirect is acquired by UK-based Atlas Travel Solutions Ltd, after nearly 20 years of strong, stable and profitable business.

FHTdirect is appointed the new International Housing & Travel Services agency for the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting; The first new agency in 38 years to assume the role.

As part of a group rebranding, Atlas Travel Solutions becomes the ATS Group and FHTdirect becomes FHTglobal, aligning with the growth and global nature of the business.

Our Team

Meet the team that makes FHTglobal the amazing place it is!

Anna Esposito

Project Manager
Barcelona, Spain

Chiara Castelli

Project Coordinator
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Cristina Sottile

Accounts Manager
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Eli Gorin, CMP, CMM

Managing Director
Hollywood, FL, USA

Gildo Plate

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Iliana Colon, CMP, DES

Sr. Project Manager/Team Lead
Hollywood, FL, USA

Javed Nurse

Ground Services Coordinator
Hollywood, FL, USA

Laetitia Ghanime

Project Manager
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Marc Giacomazzi

Group Operations Coordinator
Sarasota, FL, USA

Peggy Bruhy

Accounting Manager
Hollywood, FL, USA

Rachel Perez

Project Manager
Hollywood, FL, USA

Sarah Maragoni

International Sales Manager
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Veronica Morano

Group Operations Manager
Sarasota, FL, USA

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EU: +377 97 77 35 22
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